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What is the Tidewater Chapter of the Virginia Tech Hokie Club?

We are a geographic based Hokie Club chapter, dedicated to giving Virginia Tech fans in the Virginia cities of Portsmouth, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach the ability to support the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund (VTAF).  The Hokie Club FAQ  answers the most common questions about Hokie Club membership.  For more info about becoming a member just send us an e-mail at

What this Web Site is not?

The site is not intended to provide you with Virginia Tech news, recruiting and other topics. There are numerous official and unofficial Hokie Web sites devoted to these topics. Maintaining these functions here is not logical, because the hosts of these sites do a far better job at their specialties than we could ever do. We include links to many of these sites in the side bar. We encourage you to visit these sites regularly and participate in whatever online activities they offer. 

Consider joining the Hokie Club or upgrading your Hokie Club giving level today!  Football season tickets and parking,  basketball season tickets and parking and bowl ticket priority are all determined by your Hokie Club Point Priority level ranking on Dec 31.  New and upgrading members using Hokie-Matic must submit their forms to the Hokie Club Office by Nov 30, so the first transfer can occur before Dec 31st. Get an application here.

This page last updated on July 21, 2016